I consider myself a diamond miner.

Digging deep into my subconscious mind, I unearth precious nuggets of brilliance to inspire and inform my work.

Browse my work and try to uncover the gems for yourself…

Public Art

I’ve had the opportunity to share my artwork with the public, creating mosaics for a range of public places from libraries to theaters. Mosaics come together to capture the heart of a community, reflecting shared passions and experiences.

Madison Heights

Madison Heights, 2019

Glass and ceramic mosaic

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Orlando Shakespeare Theater, 2004

Bas-relief ceramic, and inset in lively glass mosaics

Madison Point

Madison Point, 2019

Underglazes and clear glaze on ceramic bisque tiles. Mirror mosaic sun

Digital Works

A new medium for expression, guided by the same sources of inspiration and imagination. Places, people and culture are woven together throughout my digital paintings, exclusively available for purchase here.

Living Skull

Living Skull, 2020

I-pad painting


Ode to Johnny Cash: Ghost Riders in the Sky

Ode to Johnny Cash: Ghost Riders in the Sky, 2021

I-pad painting

from $325

Night Circus

Night Circus, 2021

I-pad painting

from $325


Golden glass mosaics dance  with handmade ceramic elements: pearls, jewels, crystals and coins are arranged to tell timeless tales. Mosaics are among the most ancient art, for beneath the sands of time and ravages of war, archeologists uncover treasures that tell stories of ancient civilization.

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos, 2017

18"' x 24" Glass mosaic

Portrait of Frida Kahlo

Portrait of Frida Kahlo, 2010

16"x20" Glass Mosaic, gold, pearls and coin

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Courageous Tiger

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Courageous Tiger, 2015

18" x 24" Porcelain, underglazes, glazes, overglazes, Swarovski crystals, glass mosaics