Quiet Mind, Crazy Heart

A true life story, lavishly illustrated with original iPad paintings.

He drowned, and I
dove in.

Ravaged by sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Brian Jones, founder of the Rolling Stones, was a wreck in 1966. I was a twenty-something clothing designer in New York. Life was all about looking good and having wild adventures, but the glitter hid an undercurrent of longing. My crazy heart beat so loudly I couldn’t trust my own mind.

He kept a copy of the Autobiography of a Yogi on his nightstand…when I mentioned the book, Brian gave it to me.

I didn’t crack the cover until he drowned in a swimming pool three years later. Brian’s loss exposed the chaos in my thoughts. I finally read the yogi’s tale, following him along the dusty roads of India. The story lit a flame—revealing a quiet place inside myself, and a life of meditation and yoga began.

I spent decades living in ashrams and countless hours in service to others. My creativity bloomed as giant mosaics across buildings, theaters, and parks all over Florida. Motherhood taught me unconditional love. Mediation and yoga remained constants in the frenzy of living, granting me a compass made of two parts:

Trust in my quiet mind, and love for my crazy heart.

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