Public Art

I’ve had the opportunity to share my artwork with the public, creating mosaics for a range of public places from libraries to theaters. Mosaics come together to capture the heart of a community, reflecting shared passions and experiences.

Madison Crossing

Madison Crossing, 2015

Glass and ceramic mosaic

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Orlando Shakespeare Theater, 2004

Bas-relief ceramic, and inset in lively glass mosaics

Madison Point

Madison Point, 2019

Underglazes and clear glaze on ceramic bisque tiles. Mirror mosaic sun

Madison Heights

Madison Heights, 2019

Glass and ceramic mosaic

Madison Crossing II

Madison Crossing II, 2017

Underglazes on Bisque Tiles, Claer Glaze, Kiln Fired to Cone

Boynton Lakes Plaza

Boynton Lakes Plaza, 2012

Architectural ceramics, glass mosaics

Palm Beach Library – Main Branch

Palm Beach Library – Main Branch, 2011

Glass and porcelain mosaics

Aspen Glen

Aspen Glen, 2015

Glass, custom-glazed ceramic mosaic

Susan B. Katz Theater

Susan B. Katz Theater, 2012 - 2013

Glass mosaic and architectural ceramics

Z.L Riley Park

Z.L Riley Park, 2008 - 2009

Ceramic mosaic

Sunset Vista Trailhead Park

Sunset Vista Trailhead Park, 2001

Underglazes on 6" bisque tiles with clear gloss glaze and kiln-fired

Alligator on a Riverbank

Alligator on a Riverbank, 2001

Ceramic bas relief, mosaic

Florida Botanical Gardens

Florida Botanical Gardens, 2000

Ceramic mosaic over concrete